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Lisa’s role at our clinic is as a Remedial and Swedish Relaxation Massage Therapist. She practices deep relaxation massage, which prepares your muscles for function at optimum.

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I was 50% better after the first treatment!

I suffered crippling back pain 3 months ago to the point where I could’t work and my usual physio and chiro treatments didn’t work. I went to see Lisa Barnes. After the first treatment I was 50% better and back at work. After the second treatment I was 90 % better. I now see Lisa once a month and am pain free. It’s small investments to maintain my health and sanity. Thanks so much Lisa!

Sofie 21/03/2019


Minimum time requirement prior to booking

We do require online bookings to be made at least 10 hours before the desired appointment time. To make an appointment closer than that, please phone the Clinic.