IC Sports Therapies

Jason was very friendly, knowledgeable and had an understanding of the time constraints necessary for returning to sport and work after injury. Best of all the treatment and rehabilitation suggested by Jason cured the shoulder injury.

IC Sports Therapies

Jason helped to fix my knee so I could go on my adventure to the Red Centre and my knee held up well. Thanks Jason.

IC Sports Therapies

Been to at least a handle full of physio’s Chiropractors and other specialists in my 6 years of training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. I have found that for my long term recovery as well as prevention and understanding of what is actually nessasry for a healthy athlete to Excel in his or her chosen sport, face to face time is a huge importance! I get this as well as some amazing tips and advise so i can now live comfortably while also learning how to rehab myself

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