For new clients

About treatment at IC Sports Therapies

Thank you for choosing IC Sports Therapies for your treatment.
We are committed to facilitating your recovery in a timely, safe, and enjoyable manner.

About you

Treatment plans are crucial for us to ensure you are best equipped to participate in the process.
It is important for us to find out key things about you, such as:

  • Anything which may make treatment difficult: e.g. hearing or visual difficulties.
  • Conditions which may impact on the effectiveness of your treatment: blood thinners, allergies, hypersensitivities, etc.
  • Diagnostic test results e.g. X-rays, M.R.I.s, C.T. scans (bring them along).
  • Whether you are currently ill, especially if your condition may affect others e.g. COVID-19

Preparing for treatment

Please complete our online Coronavirus Liability Release Form before coming in, and arrive approximately 10 minutes early so you are relaxed and able to complete paperwork.
We are an “on-time” practice. Please advise us if you are running late.
If you are unwell on the day of treatment  please let us know PRIOR to your appointment, with as much notice as possible. We will mutually decide whether you should reschedule.

Treatment is provided at the discretion of the staff of IC Sports Therapies. Any conduct which, in the opinion of the therapist, breaches Clinic Code of Conduct, will result in treatment being declined. This includes but is not limited to the consumption of alcohol, drugs, or medication which alters perception, prior to treatment.

For Massage and Physiotherapy treatment, please ensure you drink some water an hour before treatment. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and minimal jewellery. Remove rings and bars from piercings located in areas to be treated.

During Treatment

Feel free to ask whatever questions you need to concerning the treatment you are having.
Please alert the therapist to any allergies or highlight any medical issue, to ensure your safety!

If at any time you feel uncomfortable, or the pain of treatment surpasses your threshold, or for any other reason, you may ask the therapist to stop what they are doing. The therapist will immediately cease what they are doing.

Post Treatment

For Massage and Physiotherapy:

Within 24 hours please let the clinic know how you are doing.
If there is any bruising bigger than a 50c piece and blue, purple or green in colour, please contact us immediately.
It is normal to experience some stiffness and soreness after massage. Pain that lasts longer than 48 hours should be reported to the clinic.