Terms and Conditions

Easing your pain is our pleasure, but some Terms and Conditions do apply to our services.

Health Fund Rebates

Not all services are rebatable under health insurance schemes. Please check with your health fund beforehand. Please note that a therapist’s professional association membership does not guarantee health fund provider status. Health funds maintain their own requirements for provider status.

Late arrival

Time for your appointment has been allocated for you. Late arrival may result in a shortened session time in order that we can accommodate appointments following yours.
Full payment for your session will be required.

Late Cancellations or Missed Appointments

Late cancellations and missed appointments exclude others from receiving treatment, and inconvenience both the therapists and other waiting clients.

If you want to cancel a booking (made either online or in clinic), you can cancel by ringing us, by replying to the confirmation email that goes out to you at the time of booking, or by replying to our email/text reminder the day before your appointment.

If more than 24 hours notice is given, the booking can then either be cancelled or rescheduled to another time. If less than 24 hours notice is given, the full consultation fee will apply[1]. We may however exercise our discretion in cases of emergencies and circumstances outside your control.

Our use of your Email address

We will use your email address to send you confirmation of your booking, and to send a reminder email the day before your booking.

We might also use it once in a blue moon to email you about booking-related matters (the last email was about a change to our Clinic Hours), but not about anything else. Such booking-related emails will have an Unsubscribe link. Your consent to receive such email is inferred from your giving us your email for a booking, and we understand that consent to be limited to booking-related matters. Just bookings.

For newsletters, product or marketing announcements, discount offers, and general good news, we ask you to please subscribe to our newsletter. Subscribing requires a double opt-in process, where you have to confirm your subscription request by reply email.

(We hate spam too.)

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates (a.k.a. Gift Vouchers) are valid for three years from the date of issue. Gift Vouchers are a receipt for a prepayment made for services at our Clinic. Should our Services and Fees have changed since that date, there may remain a difference to be paid at the time of redemption.

[1] “When Can You Legally Be Charged A Cancellation Fee?”, BucketOrange magazine