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Nicki Cooke

For over 20 years Nicki has provided remedial massage, sports injury therapy and first aid response to athletes at all levels. She is Qualified, Indemnified, and Experienced, and she is able to address issues such as headaches, stiff necks, sore shoulders, low back pain, tired heavy legs, ACL injuries, foot pain, plantar fasciitis, general aches and pains, sports injuries and personal fitness, for all sectors of the populace.

Luke T.

Soccer and skiing without any problems

After undergoing major knee reconstruction, I believed I would never play soccer again. When a friend recommended Nicki, I was reluctant at first to reconsider playing. Now, I’m going really well! Have had no major issues, playing soccer and skiing without any problems with legs since beginning of the year.

Luke T. Berowra 05/08/2016



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We do require online bookings to be made at least 10 hours before the desired appointment time. To make an appointment closer than that, please phone the Clinic.