Swedish Relaxation Massage

Swedish Massage
Draw aside from the madness, take a deep breath and relax with Swedish massage. Smooth flowing and continuous movements are directed back to the heart to enhance the deep relaxation experience and to leave the body and mind feeling rejuvenated.

Benefits of Swedish massage

  • relieve muscular tension
  • improve circulation, flexibility & joint range of movement
  • promote relaxation and peace of mind
  • May improve quality of sleep


Techniques consist of:
Effleurage – derived from the French word effleurer meaning “gentle pressure”. It consists of smooth flowing and continuous long gliding strokes to warm up the muscle tissue and enhance the relaxation experience.
Petrissage – derived from the French word “petrir” meaning to knead. Kneading, lifting & rolling techniques are used to help improve muscle blood circulation, increase muscle tone & deep muscle relaxation.
Friction – circular and cross fibre friction movements help to increase blood flow and tissue mobility.
Tapotement – repeated rhythmical percussion movements to the superficial tissue. The brisk movements stimulate the nerve endings which produce tiny muscular contractions, resulting in an overall increase in muscle tone. Techniques such as hacking, pummelling & cupping are used.

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