Changed availability during March 2020


IC Sports Therapies will be varying our opening hours in March.

The changed hours are for the 3-week period Friday 6 March to Monday 30 March 2020. They are the result of our reduced staffing levels, with our Principal Therapist Nicki Cooke away. She will be serving as a Team Therapist at the Over 50s Cricket World Cup in Cape Town, South Africa.

Please note that Nicki already has limited bookings available for the weeks before 6 March. We suggest you get in and book a time with Nicki ASAP.

Jason, Hugo and Lisa will meet the continuing needs of our clients for Physiotherapy, BikeFit, and Remedial Massage.

Our clinic hours will be 8:00am – 5:00pm. Steve will man the phones to answer your enquiries and take your bookings.

For these weeks, our therapists are available by appointment as follows:

Jason: Mon 8am-12 noon, Tue 9am-6pm, Wed 8:30am-12 noon, Thu 9am-6pm, and Fri 8:30am-12 noon.

Hugo: Wednesday – Friday 8am-6pm.

Lisa: Mon 10am-1pm, Wed & Thu 8am – 5pm, and Friday 9am-7pm.

From 30 March we will again have our full complement of staff. We will then resume our normal opening hours of 7:00am to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday.

You can make On-line Bookings for the next 120 days any time, at

Best regards

IC Sports Therapies