Post event recovery – beyond the ice bath for Masters Athletes.

No one likes it, right? The idea of plunging a tortured, ageing body into icy waters post game, is enough to send us into cardiac arrest. Yet, it is considered to be a rite of passage in many sports. The greatest test of sporting achievement is often perceived as being time spent in an ice bath.

But what if there was a better way, which provided all the perceived benefits, but without the profound discomfort?

Phuket FC players in a post-training ice bath.
Phuket FC players in a post-training ice bath.

In fact, there is little evidence that ice bathing, or Cryotherapy, has the benefits ascribed to it.

If we believe that the body functions optimally at 37 degrees Celsius, then it makes sense to maintain the core temperature at that level throughout the recovery process. Minimal increases in core temperature during exertion are expected, and, provided adequate hydration and nutrition are maintained, our body systems adjust accordingly. It follows then, that reducing the core temperature with cooling, will quickly return the body to homeostasis, but does that mean exposing the body to temperatures more than 20 degrees below core temperature?

Having been involved in Masters sport for almost two decades, as a therapist, it is my experience that Ice baths do the opposite of what is expected, and in fact, slow down the recovery process. In competition where more than one game is played per day, ice bathing has resulted in decreased performance, increased muscle stiffness and joint pain or discomfort and appears to have no benefit to the players beyond the adrenalin rush of removing a stressor from the body.

We also know from research, that heat, and alternating hot cold plunges are ineffective in reducing recovery time. So, it would appear that extreme ranges provide little value beyond team building benefits – the misery loves company, approach.

What is the ideal recovery plan?

Current thinking is that key ingredients are hydration, nutrition and rest. Of course there is the issue of the niggles or injuries requiring attention.

I will discuss the hydration and nutritional aspects elsewhere, but clearly there remains the need to deal with muscle soreness and how to freshen tired bodies post game. Proving optimal nutrition and hydration has many demonstrable benefits and coupled with  warm up and cool down programmes is critical in competition.

Evidence in favour of pool work is strong. We know that water based exercise provides compressive support of around 20 mcg Mercury to muscles, so the equivalent of most commercially available compression garments… without the need to shoe horn yourself into one! This is widely regarded as being the most beneficial level of compression to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness ( or DOMS).

If we subscribe to the benefits of cooling, rather than shocking the body, assisting vasodilation by cooling the surface area slightly provides benefit by immersing in water below core temperature. Tepid, or cool water, at around 27 degrees, is comfortable for players. It provides compression, reduces the core temperature gently, supporting the innate recovery of body systems, without the systemic shock of ice bathing.

Adding warm down stretching, and movements such as walking, and resistance work appears to assist blood flow to large muscle groups, and assisting with recovery.Masters athletes report reduced stress, improved range of movement, and demonstrably less swelling in injured or arthritic regions.

We have found 10 -15 minutes to be effective, whilst longer is enjoyable. In competition this can easily be accomplished between games in most cases.

Does Pool based Recovery reduce Injuries?

The evidence at this stage is anecdotal. As a Sports Trainer/therapist, working at all levels, Nationally and internationally, over almost 25 years, I endorse a no ice policy. A concenus among the cohort I care for is strongly in favour of the cool water approach. It is invariably the case, in cricket, soccer and wheelchair sport that I have worked with, that the players carry fewer injuries, recover more quickly, demonstrate a greater range of motion, and enjoy the pool work.

At Masters level particularly, trainer/therapists are often dealing with chronic, long term issues, with resultant biomechanical or compensatory patterns entrenched in nature. Our role is clearly restricted to dealing with what we can influence in the time available. Teaching pool work allows players a take home approach. This is clearly an easy form of management with high compliance.


Ice bath is counter intuitive to all players at Masters level and beyond, compliance is difficult as a consequence. Tepid pool work however, has demonstrable benefits, and high compliance levels. It can be used multiple times a day, is inexpensive and simple to facilitate. It can be as simple as walking in chest deep water, or as complex as a full warm down routine.

Players report feeling fresher, and particularly, lighter in the legs, post session.  Invigorated, recharged and relaxed bodies perform better in competition, and the teams that consistently employ this approach are definitely less injury prone.

Masters athletes, generally require more therapy, are more body aware, but also less likely to request treatment, toughing through their aches and pains, so pool work helps those players and adds a self-administered therapy to their tournaments.

Are the benefits sufficient to change the culture of your team?

You be the judge.

🎄Christmas 2018 – New Year 2019 Clinic Hours 🎄

Christmas 2018 graphic, a Stylised Tree with Star

Clinic Holiday Hours

For Christmas 2018 – New Year’s 2019 our Clinic hours will be as follows:

  • We will be closed from COB Friday December 21st 2018.
  • Nicki will be available by appointment only from Wednesday January 2nd to Friday January 4th.
  • Lisa will be available Friday 28th December 11-5 pm, Thursday 3rd Jan 12-5 pm, and Friday 4th 9-5 pm.

We will open for our normal hours of 7am-6pm from January 7th onwards. Book today to get in first for the best appointment times in January 😉

We wish all our clients a safe and happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


South African Rhinos cricket team thanks Nicki Cooke

A massive thank you from the SA Rhinos for assisting us.
“A massive thank you from the SA Rhinos for assisting us.”

The South African Rhinos team has unanimously decided to give <team mascot> Sydney to Nicki Cooke in appreciation of her support and service to the team and her passionate desire to make a difference to the rhino species.

We know that you will cherish and nurture her… thank you again.
— Roger Moult and the RHINOS

Over 50s Cricket World Cup South African Squad

Over 50s Cricket World Cup logoOver 50s Cricket World Cup – Team South Africa

Number Surname First Name Club affiliation Provincial teams represented Batting Style Bowling Style
1 Bing Brad Claremont CC Western Province Right-hand bat Slow left-arm orthodox
2 Coller Bernie Cape Town CC NA Right-hand bat Right-arm mediun
3 Craigen Kevin Potchefstroom CC Free State Left-hand bat Slow left-arm orthodox
4 Duncan David Stanley CC Eastern Province Courtly Districts Right-hand bat Right-arm mediun
5 Du Plessis Paul Scorpions CC Northern Free State Coumy Districts Right-hand bat Slow left-arm orthodox
6 Fletcher Mark Diamond Diggers CC Griqualand West Right-hand bat Wicketkeeper
7 Haswell Mike Alendo (Malawi) Wales Minor Counties Left-hand bat left-arm medium
8 Koster Ralph SidburyCC Griqualand West, Western Province Right-hand bat Right-arm medium
9 Marx Peter Pine lands CC NA Right-hand bat Right-arm offbreak
10 McLean Brian Cowichan United Eastern Province Coumy Districts Left-hand bat Right-arm slow
11 Meeser Roy Fish Hoek CC Western Province Right-hand bat Wicketkeeper
12 Mellors Carl Cronkboune CC Boland Right-hand bat Right-arm medium
13 Milne Kevin HOGS CC Free State Right-hand bat Right-arm medium
14 Rippon Warne SidbuyCC Border, Free State and Transvaal Right-hand bat Right-arm offbreak
15 Ryall Richie Techs Mutual CC Western Province Right-hand bat Wicketkeeper
16 van der Rheede Riaan Scorpions CC SA Universities, WP Schools Left-hand bat Right-arm medium
Player/Manager Moult Roger Cape Town CC Border, Griqualand West Right-hand bat Right-arm slow
Coach Thomson Paul Cape Town CC
Non-travelling reserves
1 Frasier Iain
2 Bergins Howie
3 Malamba Rodney

Over 50s Cricket World Cup Pakistani Squad

Over 50s Cricket World Cup logo

Pakistan Veterans cricket team will be participating in the inaugural Over-50s Cricket World Cup to be held in Sydney from Nov 21-Dec 5. This was disclosed by Fawad Ijaz Khan, Chairman Pakistan Veterans Cricket Association here on Thursday.

Eight countries are participating in the Veterans World Cup including Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa, Sir Lanka, Canada and Wales. Each team will play seven matches on single league basis and top four will move to semifinals with the final set for Dec 5.

The Pakistan Veterans Over 50s team was finalized in a PVCA board of directors meeting simultaneously held on Wednesday in Karachi and Lahore through a video conference. Former Test player Ejaz Ahmed, who played 38 Tests and 32 ODIs for the country, has been named as captain of the team while former ODI Player Ghulam Ali will be the vice captain.

The team also includes two former ODI players Sajid Ali and Shahid Anwar. Former Test player Kabir Khan has been named as coach and Chief Executive PVCA Ashiq Hussain Qureshi will be the manager.

Squad: Ijaz Ahmed (Captain), Ghulam Ali (Vice Captain), Shahid Anwar, Ghaffar Kazmi, Dastgir Butt, Babar Altaf Butt, Malik Amir Tauseef,  Javed Hafeez, Imtiaz Tarar, Jaffar Qureshi, Asim Jah, Sagheer Abbas, Asif Hayat, Sajid Ali, Mazhar Hussain, Zafar Ali.

Officials: Ashiq Hussain Qureshi (Manager), Kabir Khan (Coach).


Source: Ijaz Ahmed to lead Pakistan in over-50s Veterans World Cup, September 14, 2018

Over 50s Cricket World Cup Welsh Squad

Over 50s Cricket World Cup logo

We would like to announce the Welsh squad selected for the 2018 Over-50s Cricket World Cup, to represent Wales in the first over 50’s cricket World Cup, based in Sydney, Australia.

It will be a serious, competitive tournament involving teams from most of the Testplaying nations. This will be a great opportunity for the world’s best over 50’s cricketers to showcase their talents and compete for national glory!

The tournament will be held over a two-week period on some great Sydney grounds and will involve a round-robin system where each country plays each other, culminating in semi-finals and a grand finale.

Wales Over-50s has a Twitter account. It is: They can be reached at @wales_over_50s.

The Squad

Jonny Jones Skewen Cricket Club Captain
Roy Emmott Newport Fugitives Cricket Club Vice-Captain
Steve Maddocks Briton Ferry Steel Cricket Club
Paul Murphy Usk Cricket Club
Lee Williams Baglan Cricket Club
Arvind Aswani Usk Cricket Club
Paul Donovon Tata Steel Cricket Club
John Kenchington Brecon Cricket Club
Chris Hudson Dafen Cricket Club
Leighton O’Connor Llechryd Cricket Club
Neal Williams Cresselly Cricket Club
Ian Poole Kilgetty Cricket Club
Adam Glaznieks Swansea Civil Service Cricket Club
Mark Donovon Tata Steel Cricket Club
Neil Williams Pwllheli Cricket Club
Adrian Webber Croesyceiliog Cricket Club
Mike Lloyd Llangennych Cricket Club Team Manager


Over 50s Cricket World Cup England Squad

Over 50s Cricket World Cup logo

England has named its touring party for the 2018 Over-50s Cricket World Cup in Sydney. It is a full group, including two managers, two umpires and a doctor. The playing squad itself is a formidable one, featuring many of the top players from the very strong over-50s county circuit in England.

They have also received much-appreciated sponsorship from JBS, Serious Cricket, Grey Nicholls and Smile Group Travel.

England’s first World Cup match is against Sri Lanka at Hurstville Oval on November 21.

Over-50s Cricket World Cup England Over-50s has a Twitter account. It is: They can be reached at @countiesengland.

England Counties Preliminary Sydney World Cup Tour Party 2018:

Team manager, Peter Rider, England 50+
Assist manager, Ian Jones, England 50+
Scorer, Paul Bridge, England U 19’s
Doctor, Ian Bishop, Devon
Umpire, Stuart Aitken,Middx
Umpire, Raf Patel, Essex.

Captain, Gary Loveday Berks
V Capt, Stephen Foster,Yorks

Players: Kevin Bradley, Yorks
Neil Brathwaite,Essex
Neil Burns, Essex
Sean Cooper, Suffolk
Andy Davis, Berks
Raja Hayat, Leics
Mel Hussain, Essex
Mo Fayyaz, Essex
Simon Myles, Berks
Nick Newman, Leics
Calvin Priest, Shrops
Jason Robinson,Warws
Duncan Watson,Herts
Mark Wilson, Yorks
Scott Stratton, Sussex
Julian Poulter, Surrey
Mo Shahzanar, Yorks
David Snelgrove,Lancs
John Courtney, Gloucester

Part Travel sponsor-JBS
Kit sponsor-Serious Cricket
Part sponsor-Grey Nicholls
Travel operator-Smile Group Travel.

Over 50s Cricket World Cup New Zealand Squad

Over 50s Cricket World Cup logo

New Zealand has named its 2018 Over-50s Cricket World Cup squad. With nine former first-class players and a number of senior club cricketers, this will be a team to watch.

The 16-man squad to compete in the Over-50s World Cup is as follows:

Nigel Fletcher (captain) (Auckland)
Dean Askew (Auckland)
Adrian Dale (Auckland)
Lincoln Doull (Hawkes Bay)
Peter Escott (Auckland)
Brent Fleming (Canterbury)
David Fulton (Manawatu)
Craig Gibb (Canterbury)
Mike Jamieson (Auckland)
Hamish Kember (Canterbury)
Robbie Kerr (Wellington)
David Leonard (Nelson)
Andrew Nuttall (Canterbury)
Martin Pennefather (Wanganui)
Richard Petrie (Wellington)
Mason Robinson (Nelson)

The pool of nominees was very strong and several good players have missed out.

Source : New Zealand Cricket

Over 50s Cricket World Cup Canadian Squad

Over 50s Cricket World Cup logo

The Canadian squad for the 2018 Over-50s Cricket World Cup in Sydney looks like a very good team, featuring at least 5 players with first-class and/or List-A experience.

Among these are Rohan Jayasekera, who played Test cricket for Sri Lanka; Brian Rajadurai, whose leg-breaks took almost 100 first-class and List-A wickets at an average of 25; and Farooq Kirmani, who has coached Canada and played first-class cricket in Pakistan.

Canada’s first match is against the hosts, Australia, at Drummoyne Oval on November 21.

Congratulations to all the players, and to Asad Khan and the Canadian Seniors Cricket Association for assembling the side – good luck for the tournament!

Canada’s Squad:

1. Talal Iqbal (Captain)
2. Farooq Kirmani (Player-Coach)
3. Rohan Jayasekera
4. David Mohammed
5. Mahmood Ahmad
6. Vishan De Mel
7. Puvi Ravishankar
8. Roy Singh
9. Brian Rajadurai
10. Vincent Correia
11. Abhilash Patel
12. Javed Qureshi
13. Rudy Gibson
14. Shantha Jayasekera
15. Syed Rafiullah
16. Asad Khan (Vice Captain)


1. Moazzam Jamal
2. Kanti Patel
3. Gokul Kamat
4. Tariq Yousaf

Support Staff:

1. Dean Fernandez (Team Manager)
2. Adnan Khan (Scorer)
3. Humayun Wahab (Publicity Officer)

Over 50s Cricket World Cup Canadian squad

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