Welcome to Brigitte Batten, Chiropractor


IC Sports Therapies welcomes Brigitte Batten to the team.

Brigitte Batten is a Macquarie University graduate with a passion for sports (especially gymnasts and dancers) due to her elite gymnastics background along with coaching/judging experience in gymnastics. She chose to study chiropractic due to an accident causing her to stop gymnastics and now her goal is to help people be able to overcome their injuries so they can continue doing the sport or activities they love.

Brigitte is dedicated, organised and very eager to help people with a range of different injuries, ranging from necks, backs, shoulders, ankles, headaches etc along with looking at the body as a whole to make sure you are working structurally, functionally and to allow maximal body’s performance. She also wants to encourage preventative strategies, such as rehabilitation and taping. Brigitte is very interested in expanding her knowledge with paediatrics, dry needling and other evidence based techniques to take a gentle approach to chiropractic and allow people to have the most effective treatment.

Brigitte has been an elite gymnast for 8 years before the injury, with her favourite apparatus, the beam. She is still very involved with gymnastics as she is an Advanced Gymnastics Coach and an Intermediate Gymnastics Judge with a club in Hornsby, coaching with a range of levels from kindygym, dance, school classes to high level gymnasts.

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