Welcome Letitia Coker

Welcome Letitia Coker

We welcome Letitia Coker to the team at IC Sports Therapies!

Letitia is a Medical Herbalist, Registered Nurse and a Mum. She has a special interest in stress and anxiety, and helps people have the fortitude to cope with what life throws at them, to live well, be well and regain their health. Her passion is working with children, teens and adults whose lives are plagued by stress and anxiety, to create a brighter, healthier future.

Letitia works with clients who have many medical conditions, treating the underlining stresses, with the support of Herbal Medicine, supplements, diet and life style choices. The combination of using current medical knowledge alongside alternative natural therapies, gives her a wholistic approach to treating the source of your health concerns.

Do you suffer from fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, life seems to just get on top of you? Do you get bloated, have digestive complaints, feel sluggish, find it hard to get up and go, your energy levels are in your boots? Are you irritable, cranky, have mood swings and just don’t feel right? Do you have recurring illnesses that you don’t seem to be able to shift? Maybe you have a chronic illness, such as chronic fatigue, glandular fever, fibromyalgia and an autoimmune disease or your health is just not what you would like? Make a booking with Letitia to find out how she can help you overcome!

Welcome, Letitia.