Better than anyone else I have seen

IC Sports Therapies

Your impression of the facilities?

“This is my first visit to your practice and I was warmly welcomed by Steve who offered me a glass of water, or a cup of tea!
I felt very relaxed and hopeful that my aches and pains would be considered thoughtfully – a very calming atmosphere.
It was DK who told me and my husband about you, knowing my own problems. He was blown away Nicki by the difference you have made to his mobility.
I look forward to you being able to help me also to regain my own mobility.”

Were your expectations met by the therapist, the office staff, and the facilities?

“They were indeed by all the above mentioned
Nicki found more knots and nobbles in the affected areas better than anyone else I have seen.
A magical touch. It was the best massage I have ever experience. There are no bruises and I feel my body respond to the massage by loosening up a little. The pain, of course, is still felt, but I know that will be reduced over the next few visits.
Many thanks indeed !!”