Hey, this is amazing.

Mt Kuring-gai

Many years ago, I had a frozen shoulder and it never really healed to 100% capacity. Upon starting bodybuilding again this year, my shoulder became aggravated and painful during training and even doing normal everyday actions. I felt frustrated not being able to progress in training and having to constantly adjust the angle of my shoulder/arm even doing the simplest of things like closing a door behind me.

From the very first session with Nicki I experienced a release and gained more freedom of movement in the shoulder joint. A few months in and my training is progressing, I am free of the constant pain and I can close a door without having to angle my shoulder ‘just right’! It’s when doing the simplest of acts with no pain that I realised, hey, this is amazing.

It’s not only the physical improvements that I keep coming back to Nicki and Steve, it’s the honest to goodness love and care Nicki has for her ‘family’, her clients. She absolutely cares about you and will do everything in her power to help you become the best you can be. A healer, a humanitarian, a go-getter…Nicki is the one you will want in your corner to help you succeed in your rehab, sport or fitness goals.