Portrait photo of Ian Wall

Over 18 months of back pain and sciatica

IC Sports Therapies

Following a recommendation from a friend, I went to see Nicki after being messed around by chiropractors and wrongly diagnosed by other medical specialists. After 6 intensive sessions I am now back doing things that I couldn’t do for more than 18 months of struggling with back pain and sciatica due to muscle spasm. At my first visit, Nicki pin-pointed my problem and following an hour of intensive treatment I was able to walk mostly normally again and even do light exercise on the treadmill. I still have days where I get muscle spasm but Nicki showed me ways I can ease this with simple exercises that will keep me going until I can visit her for more intensive treatment if I need it, and I have the confidence to get out and do things now, as I know that if needed then Nicki is only a phone call away. I have recommended Nicki to lots of friends and relatives and will spread the word to others who I can see will benefit from her help. I am not being paid or offered any other incentives to say this about IC Sports Therapies.