Over 50s Cricket World Cup 2018 Draw

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Below is the full schedule of matches for the 2018 Over-50s Cricket World Cup. All matches start at 10:15 a.m. except where noted. Entry is free and everyone is welcome.

In addition there will be two Over 50s Ashes games between England and Australia following the World Cup on Thursday 6 and Friday 7 December 2018 at Sydney venues to be decided[1].

Wednesday, 21 November


South Africa vs. Wales Rosedale Oval, Warwick Farm
Australia vs. Canada Drummoyne Oval, Drummoyne
Sri Lanka vs. England Hurstville Oval, Hurstville
Pakistan vs. New Zealand Old Kings Oval, Parramatta

Thursday, 22 November


South Africa vs. England Jubilee Oval, Glebe
Australia vs. New Zealand Bexley Oval, Bexley
Pakistan vs. Wales Alan Davidson Oval, Mascot
Canada vs. Sri Lanka Pennant Hills Oval, Pennant Hills

Sunday, 25 November


Australia vs. England Manly Oval
Sri Lanka vs. Wales Airey Park, Strathfield
New Zealand vs. Canada Rosedale Oval, Warwick Farm
South Africa vs. Pakistan Pennant Hills Oval

Monday, 26 November


Australia vs. South Africa Hurstville Oval, Hurstville
Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka Joe McAleer Oval, Glendinning
Canada vs. England Alan Border Oval, Mosman
Wales vs. New Zealand Glenn McGrath Oval, Caringbah

Wednesday, 28 November


England vs. Wales Petersham Oval, Petersham
New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka Kings School Parramatta
Australia vs. Pakistan Mark Taylor Oval Waitara
Canada vs. South Africa Old Kings Oval, Parramatta

Thursday, 29 November

11 a.m. start


Away-to-the-Country Round

England vs. New Zealand Bradman Oval, Bowral
South Africa vs. Sri Lanka Owen Earle Oval, Richmond
Canada vs. Pakistan Benson’s Lane No. 2 Oval, Richmond
Australia vs. Wales Mandalong Oval, Mandalong

Sunday, 2 December


England vs. Pakistan Coogee Oval
New Zealand vs. South Africa Joe McAleer Oval, Glendinning
Australia vs. Sri Lanka Old Kings Oval, Parramatta
Wales vs. Canada Raby No. 1 Oval, Campbelltown

Monday, 3 December


Cup: 1st vs. 4th Hurstville Oval, Hurstville
Cup: 2nd vs. 3rd Rosedale Oval, Warwick Farm
Plate: 5th vs. 8th Old Kings Oval, Parramatta
Plate: 6th vs. 7th Merrylands Oval – TBC

Tuesday, 4 December


Plate Winner 5th/8th vs. Plate Winner 6th/7th Memorial Oval, Bankstown

Wednesday, 5 December

11 a.m. start

Grand Final

?? vs. ?? Drummoyne Oval


[1] Source: Sydney Masters Cricket Assn.