A hands-down great Wheelchair Tennis shot

Watch this remarkable recovery from Argentina’s Gustavo Fernandez at Wimbledon as he falls out of his wheelchair only to get back and scurry across the court to win the point.

The incredible piece of play came during Fernandez and Nicolas Peifer’s men’s wheelchair doubles semi-final victory over defending champions Stephane Houdet and Shingo Kunieda, who are currently #2 and #1 in the ITF Mens Wheelchair rankings for both singles AND doubles.

Wheelchair tennis is one of the forms of tennis adapted for those who have disabilities in their lower bodies. The size of courts, balls, and rackets are same, but there are two major differences from pedestrian tennis; athletes use specially designed wheelchairs, and the ball may bounce up to two times. The second bounce may also occur outside of the court.(Wikipedia)

Wheelchair tennis is one of many sports that IC Sports Therapies work with. Our Principal Therapist Nicki Cooke has treated athletes at 20 International Wheelchair Tennis Open tournaments in Sydney (NSW), Hamilton (NZ), and Paris (France).


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