Bushfiries Special

Are you Bushfire Ready?

As part of a Bushfire Brigade you have undoubtedly been preparing tools and equipment for the forthcoming season. However, many people overlook the greatest asset – the firefighters themselves.

At IC Sports Therapies, we know the importance of people, and how vital it is for the decision making processes under pressure, that stress be at a minimum.

  • Tension in neck and shoulder muscles reduces blood flow to the brain
  • Lack of biometric balance impacts on the body’s ability to perform at optimum
  • Poor posture and muscle fatigue lead to injury in stressful situations

To function at optimum, mentally and physically, requires preparation. We have a personalised plan to ensure all bushfire brigade members function at optimum, whatever role they play.

We are committed to ensuring that members’ minds are as sharp as their tools, and their bodies are able to respond quickly and safely in an emergency.

Get Bushfire Ready!

Call us and make a booking, and bring this voucher with you to your appointment.

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Photo of a signed Singapore team shirt, plus Winners and Runners-up medals

The New Zealand Masters Invitational Indoor Cricket Tri-series

After a week away at the New Zealand Masters Invitational Indoor Cricket Tri-series, Nicki is back in the Clinic. Come and check out the new Gold and Silver medals, and make an appointment with our “golden” girl.

Photo of a signed Singapore team shirt, plus Winners and Runners-up medals
A signed Singapore team shirt, plus Winners and Runners-up medals

Princes Street Fair, 18th Oct 2014

IC Sports Therapies was part of the 2014 Princes Street Turramurra Fair, to support Wake Up, a Sydney based foundation run by young people for young people, and a local victim of a coward punch bashing.







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CrossFit Expo, Mt. Colah

Therapists Nicki and Cath, ably assisted by Steve, hoisted the flag at the Unknown and Unknowable 3 event held at Foxglove Oval on September 28th, organised by Tommy from the CrossFit Feel Good Gym in Hornsby.

About 400 athletes were in attendance.

In the beginning…

In the beginning was this empty suite, which we first looked at on July 23rd 2014…


And it was good.

On the 30th the team gave it a once-over…


And they all thought it was good too!
So we called in our builders, Tom Macens Construction, and on the 13th things were happening…


And by the 15th there were walls!


And it was really good!


And then there was painting (lots of it)…


And trimming…


And so it got even better!


On 30th August, the clinic was dressed and ready for action.


On 5th September, the team and 80 friends from near and far partied 🙂


Tomorrow, Pinky, we take over the world!